Commercial Photography in Goa

Saby Fernandes Musician Portfolio Photographer - Goa

Saby is a one man band and karaoke artist from Goa. You can catch him performing live at a bunch of restaurants in Goa.

Ryan Sparx DJ Portfolio Photography - Goa

After a short break, Ryan is getting back into the DJ scene. Our objective was to showcase his fresh new look. Here are some of the images from that shoot.

Fluver Gift Delivery Service Product Photography - Goa

Fluver is Goa's leading online gift delivery service. Since 2007, we have been shooting products that are listed on their website, ranging from cakes, flowers, hampers and more.

The Syndicate Live Band Photography - Goa

The Syndicate is brilliant and energetic! The dance floor was packed for over 2 hours at this anniversary celebration we shot.

Forefront Live Band Photography - Goa

Forefront is Goa's leading live band. We have done multiple shoots with them since 2011 - at our studio and outdoors. Images from these shoots were used on their website and various print media (event flyers, posters, etc.) One image was even used on the label of a popular local soda - Twist.

Carlos Gonsalves Musician Photography - Goa

Carlos Gonsalves is Goa's leading percussionist. Images from this shoot we did in 2010, were used on his website and various print media (event flyers, posters, etc.)