Frequently Asked Questions

Style of Work

What is your style of shooting?

We work in a very candid and photo-journalistic style, capturing the moments of the day as they happen. We do not direct you (the couple) or tell you what to do, as we believe that your wedding day is for you to have fun and make memories! We're just there to capture these memories.

Will you click a photo of every guest at my wedding?

No! Our job, as journalistic photographers, is to capture "moments of action", so we primarily focus on the couple and capture the action on the dance floor. We do not shoot receiving lines or go table-to-table to click photos of each guest, as these take away time from creative work. We suggest getting a different / traditional photographer to capture receiving lines, or ask a relative / friend to click photos of each table.

How many photographers will be capturing our wedding?

For weddings till Jan-2018, I am shooting along with Lovell, so there will be two of us shooting at your wedding. Beyond that and for all other assignments, I usually shoot alone.



What are your charges?

To make it fair and affordable for everyone, our charges are split into multiple parts:
- Shooting rate - billed per hour
- Editing rate - as per the number of photos selected
- Album design and printing rate
- Travel and accommodation costs - for weddings outside Goa, or for multiple day events in South Goa.

Why don't you provide a package rate instead of charging per hour and per photo?

Over time, we've noticed that some clients do not value our time, if not charged by the hour. They call us earlier than required and make us wait way after the scheduled end time. In the same way, some clients want us to edit all the photos that were clicked at their wedding (which can easily go up to 1,000 - 1,500 photos). Editing requires serious time, sometimes even longer than the shoot itself. Hence, breaking up our pricing in this manner keeps it fair for both parties involved - we get paid for exactly what work we execute; and you pay for exactly how many hours and photos you require.

Can I get a discount? I'll recommend you to all my friends and you'll get a lot of business!

Sorry, we have a strict no discount policy! By offering lowered rates, we have to lower the quality of our work, and that is something we absolutely cannot do! But feel free to recommend us to all your friends!

What are your payment terms?

To block and confirm your date in our calendar, you need to transfer an advance payment to us. The earlier this is done, you are assured that we do not take on any other event on the date. It also helps us plan, book tickets / hotels (if required), keep our gear ready, etc. Another percentage is payable once we're done shooting your wedding. The small balance installment is expected prior to delivering the edited images.

You can pay using a bank transfer (NEFT / SWIFT), cheque deposit, Paypal, PayUMoney, WesternUnion, etc. You can also give us cash if you're around Mapusa / Old Goa.
* All transfer charges have to be borne by the client.



How many photos should we expect to receive?

On an average (depending on multiple factors - including number of hours we shoot, number of guests present, etc.), we shoot around 600 - 1,000 photos during a wedding. We then cut these down to about 400 - 800 photos - removing duplicates, etc. You can then select as many photos as you want us to edit, but remember you will be paying per photo we edit.

Will you provide me with RAW files?

No. We will provide you only with the final JPG files, after they have been edited and processed. There will be two copies of each photo - one high-res, that you can use for printing and one lower-res, for online use (like on social media).

How will we receive the photos?

The photos that you select will be uploaded to Flickr (as a private album). You can share these with your family and friends. We also upload the photos to Google Drive or Dropbox, for you to download and keep your own copies. These copies are deleted eventually (in about a year or so), to free up our storage. We can also hand over copies of the photos on a DVD if you want.

Will you use photos from our wedding on any social media?

Yes, we will use a small number of your photos to promote our work on social media like Facebook, Flickr, Google+, our personal websites, etc. We may also use your photos for competitions, etc. In order to respect your privacy, we will keep albums private, on request.



What kind of album will we get?

We usually provide a Canvera coffee table album or a Kodak coffee table album.

How much will the album cost me?

The price ranges between INR 8,000 - INR 20,000 depending on the number of pages, type of album, design, delivery charges, etc.


Travel and Accommodation

What will your travel costs come up to?

We're currently based in Goa, so travel and accommodation costs for weddings outside Goa would need to be added. Travel costs would consist of two airline return tickets in economy class. You can check approx. rates on
We will also need to account for travel within the city (cabs, etc.)

What about your accommodation?

We generally leave this for you to choose. We don't need any fancy place, as long as the place is safe and has charging points for our batteries. It would be great if there is a place to eat nearby too. Also, remember that we need to be located close to the couple, so that we can reach and begin shooting on time. Excessive traffic and non-availability of cabs can delay us, when shooting outside Goa.

What about weddings in Goa?

Usually, we do not need accommodation in Goa, because we live here. However, for multi-day weddings in South Goa, that start early and end late, traveling back to our homes in North Goa reduces the amount of time we have to recharge our batteries, download the day's shots and rest. Hence, for these specific weddings, we can rent a small place in South Goa for the days required.