Free Wall Planner Download

Warren Rodrigues posted on 16 April 2016

This is the fourth edition of our wall planner, which we designed late last year as a free giveaway to our website clients. Everyone loved the usable layout, so we might as well give it to everyone. The calendar is optimally sized to be printed on a 18" x 12" sheet, but you can also print it on your home printer on an A4 sheet. If you'd like a printed copy from us, drop by our office and take one for just INR 30.

Download Planner

We'll be working on our 2017 wall planner soon and will be accepting up to 5 sponsors who will have their company logo added to the planner and will get a set of prints to distribute to their respective clients. This cross-promotion of your brand is a win-win for all 5 clients, since we will accept only one client from any given category. For example, we will accept only one hotel client, one yoga client, one photographer, etc. Get in touch for costing and details.